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I am pricing a new metal building for a west Colorado rancher near Grand Junction and am working on finding the most economical fit for a fairly large metal building. He is wanting a 60' x 75' building with a 20' x 16' bifold door on the 75' wall, and a 30' x 16' door on the 60' wall. I have done business with Schweiss Doors, as I believe you have also. Should I contact Schweiss, or do you want to. How soon could you get started on a building this size. He wants it done by mid summer if possible.

We'd love to make this rancher happy. We do a lot of business with Schweiss Doors and will contact them to make arrangements for a bifold doors. Please re-measure the door opening to make sure they are exactly correct so we can get the best fit possible. We can install the door, will he want it insulated and with a remote opener?



I need a 40' x 80' straight walled metal machine shed. I would like to have a door put in on one end that is as wide as possible and as high as possible. (Around 30' by 16' is a guess???) I am located 9 miles from Burlington and wondered if you would have anyone available to look my situation over in the next couple of days.

No problem, I'll personally stop out early next week to measure the door opening for you and answer any other questions. Have you decided on a hydraulic or bifold door? I'll give you a call prior to coming. John



Looking for someone to build me a fairly large garage that will connect to my ranch house in Pueblo. Looking for a guesstamate on a 24x30 ft. garage. I know from a friend that you build large steel buildings, is this something John Stewart Construction would take on?

We can surely work it into our schedule. I'd also be happy to show you some ideas on decorative bifold or one-piece garage doors that will really brighten up your garage and match to the exterior of your home.



I have a customer that has an older building (post Frame). I've seen it and I don't really like it. That's why I am contacting your company to build me a metal aviation building 45' wide x 60' long x 20' high. I also want to install a bi-fold door but cannot lose any headroom. 16' is a must. I've seen a free standing header which I think might help in this situation. Your thoughts. Ned

Ned, good to hear from you. I agree that a steel building will be best for you. On a new construction building you won't need a free-standing header and I'd have to get a better idea of how your present building is holding up. Can you send a photo or two? We can design the hangar so it's capable of handling all the imposed loads and meet standard deflection and strength criteria of a bifold door.



Would like to get a quote on having you fix a older existing metal building we are having trouble with. It's starting to sag and bow and probably may not even be structurally sound. Is there anyway you can come out and look at it and give me some suggestions. If it's not fixable, I'll be looking toward your company for a new build on the same site. We have dims and can answer any other questions needed. Thanks, Hank. I live in Hartman, just to the south of your location at Burlington.

We do a lot of fix-ups, but depending how bad your building is, it might be more practical to replace it with a new structure. I'd like to have one of my men come to your place and look at it. We want you to save money, but you don't want to throw money down a prairie dog hole that will cost you more down the line. What day and time works best for you. I can even stop by after 6 p.m. - John



We are contemplating the installation of a glass and aluminum frame divider wall in our high school building that will lift via bifold straps or hydraulic pumps. This will be a designer type custom wall. What experience does John Stewart, Inc. have with these type walls. Thanks, David.

As you can imagine, there's not many calls for these specialized divider walls, but I can assure you we have quite a bit of experience in installing them. They are really a nice way to divide up a room for multiple purposes. I can send you some photos with references of a few that we have done. I'll email them to you this afternoon. Any other questions, feel free to ask.



I need a 100x100 airplane and helicopter hanger metal building, that will also need a 60 wide by 16 tall hydraulic hanger door similar to those made by Schweiss Doors delivered and installed in Silver Thorne, CO. The hangar specs that we are concerned about are first of all, do you build hangars and what structural information will you need concerning building forces, windloads and loads on the door header. Thank you, Jessey

We love building hangars of all sizes. And we especially like the quality of Schweiss Doors and can make arrangements to get this big door made to your specifications and windloads, etc. I'm a pilot myself and really think I can provide some valuable information for your project. Thank you for contacting John Stewart Construction.



New barn project near Holyoke, just north of you on Hwy. 385. I recently bought an old farmsite with a pretty good house on it, but the barn is in shambles. I don't need a real big barn, just big enough for a few horses, and was wondering what you might have to offer. It doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional looking red wood barn, I'm open to steel or metal with a couple of good bifold doors on it. Give me a call.

I'll build any style barn you like. How about I stop by your place and talk things over with you and show you some other barn projects we've completed? Personally, I prefer steel/metal construction because they last forever and won't sag like a wooden barn years down the road. How does Tuesday at 5 p.m. work for you?


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